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7 Common Types of Private Label Rights Content

The paid content landscape has changed within the past few years, and you might be surprised to find out that PLR is about more than just eBooks and blog posts now. Here, you’ll learn about the eight most common types of PLR content.


Though they were once the most popular private label rights products, articles are now just one of many types of content you can buy. PLR articles are usually sold in packs of 5-20. In most cases, all articles are on similar topics, but some sellers offer variety packs of free high quality PLR articles. These articles are typically 300-800 words long, and they’re most often delivered as Word documents or .txt files. Use them as blog or website content or combine them into an eBook or report to build your email list.

EBooks and Reports

Special reports are long articles on a single topic, and they’re usually 8-25 pages long. Reports are often delivered as .txt or Word files. Sometimes you only get the report, but other bundles of plr ebooks content include cover graphics, sales pages, articles, and autoresponder messages.

An eBook can be as short as 30 pages, but most are longer. eBook content is usually divided by chapter and includes a table of content. The eBooks you buy often come with cover graphics and are delivered in Word format. Like reports, they sometimes include supporting materials. Though eBooks and reports are often given or sold as a single piece of content for coaches, depending on licensing, you may be able to break them into an email series or a set of PLR articles 2019.

E-Courses or Autoresponder Messages

These packs of plr video products are intended for use in an coaching series, as they include several messages on a single topic. Usually, these video courses are sent as MP4 files and can be added to your membership site where you can sell subscriptions and earn a recurring income by helping your audience learn.


A how-to report is usually less than ten pages long. These step-by-step instructional manuals tell users how to complete tasks, and pictures or screenshots are often included.


As you may have guessed, these articles review the benefits and drawbacks of services and products. Sometimes, they include images and screenshots. Review articles are well-suited to affiliate marketers, as it’s easy to add your own links so you can earn commissions off anyone that buys through your affiliate link. This is a very common affiliate marketing strategy for bloggers.


As popular as videos are, and as easy and accessible as editing tools have become, videos are some of the most common resell digital products. Editing videos for uniqueness and brand consistency is more challenging than with PLR text, but it’s possible. Most videos on PLR membership websitesare tutorials on IM and business tools.

WP Plug-Ins

The best PLR storemay also carry a selection of WordPress plug-ins, which typically comes with the plug-in itself, an instruction manual, and a sales letter. Most of us don’t know how to customize these plug-ins, so we just customize the sales letter. You’ll also find master resell rights ebooks that you can resell for for top profits by reselling the resell rights to your customer. So your customer can resell the product too, so it empowers them to be able to make money selling ebooks too.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve had great success with most of these types of free PLR products. PLR is great for internet marketers because it helps us with one of our biggest challenges: getting things done in a timely fashion. With professional-grade PLR content, you’ll get the quality you need without spending too much time.